Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey folks!
Have you ever experienced being haunted in your own house??
Did you ever feel like there is someone behind you but when you look back there's nothing?
How about going to the C.R and getting wet at dawn (around 2 am) because your shower has suddenly turned on without you even touching it??
Or better yet, you have awaken from a short nap seeing all the stuffs that you have messed up a while ago, has already arranged properly??
Creepy right??

In this blog, you will experience grasping into the world of unusual realities that will give you an idea that there are some other things that can't be seen by our naked eyes. Are there really creatures living among us? Or are these only products of our playful minds??
Oh well, discover it to yourself! Be haunted by this horrific blog!
Enjoy 'em!


I have been a resident in our place since the day that i was born up until now and i have known my neighbors including their peculiar, spectacular stories. These includes their scary, spooky, creepy stories.
The house next to ours is the most scary in our place. It has it's many horrible stories experienced by the owner themselves and by some neighbors. It has been said that the house is haunted. The owner stated that there is something/someone not seen by our naked eyes who lives there. I could still recall , it was the feast in oour place. Having been on the disco,(thirsty and hungry), my neighbor toghether with her friends went to that house to drink some water when suddenly the three of them saw a white lady. At first, they thought that it was just their imagination but as they noticed, it deliberately came nearer to them. One of her friend almost jumped out the window for she was very scared about it. When the three of them shouted so loudly, the said white lady then immediately disappeared.
Another story is that, when my gay neighbor went upstairs to make use of their tailoring machine for he is going to sew curtains for our chapel. His companions were very noisy talking out loud. At first, the machine is at the good sate but when they started to talk loudly, the machine then suddenly dysfunction. They thought that it was destroyed so they stopped using it , but when they go down to go home, the machine then return toit's normal state and is noe ready to use.